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Why should we work together?

The main reason we like to work with local venues is reliability and stability.
We offer an exceptional service from the initial enquiry up until the follow up emails after the

event has finished.
We remove the stress of you guys having to contact the client on our behalf and working as a go between and simply take the booking from you, along with the clients contact details and take

over from there.
We are also happy to work on your behalf and can brand all the images etc with your logo if thats something you would like to think about


Our Fees

We usually charge : Booths £395 4hrs

Mirrors £395 4 hrs


360 Booths £395 3hrs


Selfie Pods £345 3hrs


DJ's £425 5 hrs

We would be happy to discuss a trade price for yourselves which gives you scope to earn at least 10% of these prices and still keep you competetivley priced in the market place

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