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White Selfie Pod
Vintage Pod
Enclosed Photo Booth Hire
Selfie Mirror Hire
360 Video Booth Hire
Vintage Pod
White Selfie Pod

360 Video Booth


Wow your guests with the latest trend in boothing! - the 360 records videos that can be shared straight to your socials, email or even text. Unlimited usage for you and your guests will create the ultimate party vibes.

SELFIE  POD's are an awesome way to entertain your guests for hours and also look after the planet a little bit! digital images are shared to your device or socials on the spot saving the use of paper and ink and giving your guests the option to share immediatly


The premier photo booth is our most popular photo booth style and it's perfect for any event. It has a seat and a curtain so guests can pose in privacy. It holds up to 6 adults or more if you get creative!.​ The soft lighting creates amazing images.

Magic Selfie Mirror

It looks like an everyday mirror, but when guests touch the screen it springs into life with it's hidden technology. The 'magic mirror' photo booth looks fantastic at any event. No restrictions on numbers with this one! had over 50 people in a picture before!

Either  booth or mirror can have a customised template for your print outs to match a theme or say something special, just ask.

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