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Selfie Mirror
Photo Booth Reviews
  • One of the most important reasons we operate, is to offer an experience like no other​

  • We have a great team to assist you throughout every step

  • Upon arrival we will unload and locate the area that we have pre-arranged for the booth to be located. We then move forward and set up your booth, bespoke to the theme of your function

  • Once everything is set up and tested, we then show you the basics of how everything works, and even sneak in a few trial shots. So make sure you do your hair!!

  • During the party, we make sure we have an amazing team member in attendance to assist throughout

  • All of our employees are fully trained, and lively to ensure the entire experience is enjoyable and your guests have the best possible time!

  • We include awesome props to include in your photos, and will walk you through how to get your prints

  • Once the party is complete, we pack everything away and head home.

  • Your digital prints will be sent to you via an email code for you to download after the event.

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